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 Executive Summary

         The Institute for Plastics Innovation (IPI) offer leaders
of the American plastics industry the knowledge and tools to
 stay in the forefront of research and development.
 provides an environment where start-up companies will
 develop into technology and manufacturing employers
 in Massachusetts.

         An applied research center, the IPI fills a 28,000 sq. ft.
 industrial building that is located within walking distance of
 the university campus and Lowell National Historical Park,
 which commemorates the American Industrial revolutions.

        Consistently ranked first in the national among college and university programs, the Lowell Plastics Engineering program is triple in size of its nearest competitor. Lowell is unmatched as a focus for research and a source of talent. To compete in the global economy, companies need every advantage, including access to both advanced research driven by real world problems and excellent technical facilities.

Primary Objectives 

Our primary objectives are:                   

1)  To be partner with companies to develop economically significant intellectual property.
 2)  To transfer, license, and support current patents and intellectual property companies.
 3)  To provide an incubation space for companies which are synergistic with the expertise of the    
       Institute for Plastics Innovation.


The Institute of Plastics Innovation functions to carry out exploratory and fundamental research on biodegradable polymers to support the technological interests of its members. To realize this objective, the IPI has been organized to merge expertise in microbial production of polymeric materials, organic transformations, plastics processing, materials characterization, biodegradation testing and environmental impact analysis




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